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2016 marks Questars' 15th anniversary and we wanted to celebrate this by launching a new event that we've had in the pipeline for sometime now: Questars 360 (three-sixty). This is a stand alone event and is thus not a points-scoring race for the Questars Adventure Race Series Championship.

Questars 360 is a multi-discipline multi-day team challenge event which is all about completing the journey rather than how long it takes you to do so. It'll consist of a set route to follow primarily based on long-distance trails which are well signed so only basic navigation and map reading skills are needed to keep track of where you are.

There are a few other similar events already out there but these take place in the northern half of the country, so those of us that live down south currently have to travel a long way to take part in them - sometimes travelling for a whole day just to get to the start line. Questars 360 plans to redress the balance by offering similar challenges which show off the best of the long-distance trails and stunning scenery that can be found right here in the southern half of the UK.

We have got some innovative concepts which haven't been used in an adventure race before, and will make Questars 360 a unique and different team challenge.

The Inaugural Challenge

The inaugural Questars 360 will take place on the weekend of Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June 2016 to make use of the maximum number of daylight hours and full moon. It will involve all 3 disciplines - trail running, mountain biking and kayaking, though there is the potential to just run and bike if you really don't want to kayak.

As usual we plan to make it as flexible - and hence achievable by as wide a range of people - as possible. Thus although the challenge was initially created for teams of 4 people, a few adaptions have been made to allow teams of 2 (pairs) to also enter and take part.

We provide the framework of the challenge - the route and the logistics - and it's up to you how you tackle it. Designed to take an average team around 24 hours to complete, you can chose whether to attempt it non-stop (in which case you'll need some bike lights to get you through the night) or split it in half and do it over two days with an overnight stop, in which case a tent / bivi bags will be required. No other specialist equipment is needed (other than an off road bike of course). Kayaks will be provided for you, as will paddles and bouyancy aids if you need them.


  + 18 & 19 June 2016

         Keep the weekend free!

  + 24 hrs / 2 days

         Choose whether to stop overnight

  + Teams of 2 / 4

         Open to teams of 2 & 4 people

  + Set Route

         Only basic navigation skills required

  + Run, Bike & Kayak

         Along long-distance national trails

  + Southern UK

         In the southern half of the UK


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