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Questars 360

Thames Ridgeway Challenge


The Route

The Questars 360 Thames Ridgeway challenge uses the best bits of the River Thames for the kayaking, the Thames Path for the trekking / trail running and The Ridgeway for some classic off road cycling.

From the event base in Pewsey the route takes you north across the North Wessex Downs on bikes to Lechlade, where you will follow the Thames on foot and kayak, down river through Oxford. After reaching Wallingford you will pick up your bikes and cycle back along The Ridgeway to Pewsey.

There may not be any big mountains (the highest point is just over 1000 ft) but the route more than makes up for this in terms of its distance, which is akin to doing an Ironman - off road! The total distance will be close to (but not more than) 240 km, the majority of which is off road, providing a considerable challenge for anyone attempting to complete it in less than 24 hours.

Of course you don't have to do it in 24 hours, but even if you undertake it at a more leisurely pace and stop overnight, it goes without saying that you will need to keep moving for some 24+ hours over the two days in order to complete the route. If that still sounds like a bit too much, you are more than welcome to just do one or two of the stages but you will need to arrange your own transport to facilitate this - see the FAQs for more details if you are interested in doing this.

The route is split into three stages, as follows...


55-60 km
North Wessex Downs


Trek & Kayak
80-90 km
River Thames


80-90 km
The Ridgeway

The details above are given only as an indication of the planned route - the actual route may change / alter slightly from that described and shown. Distances are approximate and rounded to the nearest 5-10 km.


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