The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

The Chilterns Adventure Race


Kit List


What you NEED to bring...

Per Person

  • Cycle Helmet
  • Suitable Offroad Bike - Mountain bikes are preferable. Other types of bikes may not be as suitable (e.g. cyclocross bikes) but are permitted providing they have appropriate tyres for off road use (slick tyres are not allowed). Any participant using an e-bike must declare this before they start and will be non-competitive (i.e. not eligible for a winners prize). Check your bike beforehand to make sure it's in a good condition. If you want to hire a bike you need to book it in advance with Cyclexperience

Per Team

  • Bike Tools - for fixing punctures e.g. pump, tyre levers & spare inner tubes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle
  • Emergency Foil Blanket - or survival bag
  • Mobile Phone - specified on your entry (to carry with you in case of emergency)
  • Rucksack - or other type of bag, big enough to carry everything in

What we ADVISE you to bring...

    • Water Bottle - or hydration system
    • Race Food - to eat on the go (energy bars and gels available to buy on the day)
    • Waterproofs - wind and waterproof outer layers (top and bottom)
    • Clothing - layers to keep you warm during the race
    • Hat - sun / winter
    • Gloves - mountain bike / winter
    • Trail Running Shoes - decent off-road tread preferable
    • Watch - or other timing device
    • Compass - only useful if you know how to use it
    • Sun Cream - parts of the course area are exposed to the elements with little shade / shelter
    • Pen - permanent marker for writing on the map (available to buy on the day)
    • Waterproof Bag - or pouch / case for your mobile phone & valuables
    • Bike Bell - to warn others of your approach (some trails are busy / popular)
    • Transition Box / Bag - waterproof bag / plastic box to leave in transition with your kit in
    • Bike Lock - a lock to slip round your bike / bikes when not in use

Additional Notes

GPS devices may be carried with you to record your route for post-race analysis. GPS enabled devices should not be used for any navigational purpose or to view your position during the race (except in case of an emergency). If you have a smart phone, it's a good idea to download and install the OS Locate app which can be used in an emergency to quickly pinpoint your exact location, enabling us and the emergency services to efficiently find and reach you.



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