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Malverns Adventure Race


Race Day Information

Final details for those people taking part in the 2019 Malverns Adventure Race.


Race Numbers & Kayak Times

Your race number, start time window and kayak timeslot can all be found on the Start List - do make a note of these details - you'll need them on the day.

You can choose when you start within your start time window. Come to the start on foot (leaving your bike in the transition area) when you are ready, a few minutes before you actually want to begin.

The maximum time allowed for the kayaking is 70 mins for Masters and 60 mins for Novices (this includes getting on and off the water - allow 5 minutes for this to be on the safe side). You must not exceed the maximum time limit OR be late off the water (after your kayak timeslot has ended) otherwise you will incur a 50 point penalty.

Not sure how to fit everything in around your kayak timeslot? See the course planners guide for one way (a suggestion of how) you could do this.


Entry Amendments

Any entry amendments should now be made on the day itself - just let us know at the front desk before your Race Briefing.



The gates to the car parks will be opened at 8am. Please give us sufficient time to set-up by not arriving before this.

MASTERS (6 hrs)

0815-0845 Recommended Arrival Time
0830-0900 Race Pack Collection
0900-0915 Race Briefing
0945-1020 Teams Start
Time Limit – 6 hours from when you start
1545-1620 Teams Finish
1650-1700 Results & Prize Giving

NOVICES & DUO (5 hrs)

0900-0930 Recommended Arrival Time
0930-1000 Race Pack Collection
1000-1020 Race Briefing
1045-1120 Teams Start
Time Limit – 5 hours from when you start
1545-1620 Teams Finish
1650-1700 Results & Prize Giving


Facilities & Services

Facilities at the event base include:

- Toilets inside the village hall and portaloos outside

- Changing Room a room where you can get changed - bring a changing robe / large towel

- Showers - there are only a few showers and we have asked for these to be made available

- Food & Drinks including pre-race breakfast baps and post-race chilli see menu

- Indoor Hall for collection of team packs, the race briefing and the prize giving

- Medic on standby to provide first aid


Available to purchase on the day (cash only):

- Map Pens fine permanent pens for marking your map - £1.80 each view pen

- Bike Map Boards with reusable cable ties for mounting on your handlebars - £5 for A5, £8 for A4

- Map Bag clear plastic A4 wallet to put your map and checkpoint descriptions in - 50p

- Questars 2019 T-shirt technical wicking, 100% polyester - £15 each (SRP £18) see t-shirt

- Energy Bars & Gels to keep you going - £1 each


Directions & Car Parking

The event base is at Hanley Swan Village Hall, Welland Road, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, WR8 0AN

Parking is in various places and fields adjacent to the village hall - follow the event signs and/or marshals directions.

The map below shows where things are at the event base.


On Arrival

Make your way to the Event HQ in the Village Hall (see map above).

Grab a bite to eat and drink from The Quest Kitchen in the village hall.

There is no registration as such - just pick up your team's race pack from around the edge of the hall at the appropriate time. These will be laid out in numerical order. If your team's race pack is not there or if you have paid for a t-shirt, come to the Front Desk to collect it.

Each race pack contains:
1 Course map - with all the checkpoints marked on; printed on A3 waterproof paper
1 EMIT card - electronic scoring device
1 numbered wristband - to be worn by one member of each team (who'll carry the EMIT card)
1 piece of cord - to secure your EMIT card

You will be given the checkpoint descriptions and values (printed on A4 waterproof paper) as you start.

At the appropriate time, attend the race briefing.

Before you start, put your bike in the bike transition area together with anything else you need during the race.


After the Race

Proceed immediately to the download station (in the village hall). Remove the cord and hand in your EMIT card. You’ll receive a printout showing your total time and the checkpoints you visited. Check this carefully and let us know before the prize giving if any checkpoints you visited don't appear on your print out.

The print out will not show your score - these are calculated when everyone has finished and will be announced at the prize giving in the hall and put up on display afterwards.

Eating soon after you finish is proven to aid recovery. The Quest Kitchen will be serving chilli with hot & cold drinks.

A changing room (and potentially a couple of showers) are available in the adjoining building to the main hall if you wish to use them.

A medic will be on standby throughout the day. If you pick up any minor injuries do see them afterwards as prompt attention can aid rapid recovery.

Prizes are awarded to each person in the winning team, in each of the ten different race classes. There are over £750 worth of prizes to be won, thanks to the support from our event partners...

Final Word

Remember to...

• Respect the area and the local community
• Be great ambassadors for adventure racing
• Stay on permitted routes at all times
• Give way to members of the public
• Give all animals a wide berth


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