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Thames Ridgeway Challenge


Race Results


A summary of the results for the 2018 Questars 360 Thames Ridgeway Challenge can be found below. For a complete breakdown of stage and transition times please see the full results.


1) 20 hrs 11 mins Shawn Duffy
2) 28 hrs 02 mins Sven Gloor, Mick Thomas, Owen White, Roger Reid
3) 28 hrs 34 mins Andrew McMullan, James Wade, James Boyle Lidstone, Alex Shanahan
4) 29 hrs 14 mins Samuel Hodnett, Ryan Doolan
5) 29 hrs 46 mins Chris Walker, John Banks, Adam Allegri, Gareth Dowd
6) 32 hrs 23 mins Luke Hopwood, Josh Norton (overnight stop)
7) 33 hrs 06 mins Simon Mumford, Edward Davies (overnight stop)
8) 33 hrs 10 mins Andy Smith, Sean Richards (overnight stop)
9) 33 hrs 35 mins Rob Sapp, Ashley Claridge, Joe Cowdroy, Robert Martin (overnight stop)
10) 35 hrs 21 mins Vicky Bruce, Trevor Bailey (overnight stop)


11) 23 hrs 12 mins Malcolm Fleming, Tim Lawson-Cruttenden, Tim Foggin (overnight stop)


12) 19 hrs 46 mins Adam Kilsby, Tim Gough (Stage 2-3 Transition)
13) 12 hrs 22 mins Tom Hards (Stage 2b Trek)

NB. The total times shown on the final results are slightly longer than those displayed on the tracking leaderboard. This is because the start and finish points used for the tracking had to be a couple of kilometres apart, so the finish point didn't record team's when they started and vice versa.

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