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2014 Questars Adventure Race Series - Race 5

Race Results

A full set of results for this adventure race are attached to the top of this page.

Remember you can learn a lot for your next adventure race by looking at the split times in conjunction with your map to see which checkpoints other teams visited, and the order in which they visited them.

The 2014 series leaderboard has been updated with the results from this adventure race. See the final 2014 series standings here.

Race Photos

Photos of adventure racers in action taken by the Quest Team have been added to the Questars gallery.

Look at the photos in the album to see what participants got up to and to find out just how muddy it got at the kayak transition when the tide went out!

Race Report

The final race in the 2014 Questars Adventure Race Series took place from Wareham in Dorset. Teams could start when they were ready but those kayaking early needed to allow sufficient time to cycle to the remote transition point. Although the transition point was quite a long way from the start, the ride was fast and pleasant with no hills in the way. The direct route was 13.5 km along minor country roads which crossed the open heathland awash with purple heather and through the large pine tree forests on gravel tracks. This took most people the best part of an hour but Team Dilligaf were quick, covering the distance in just 40 minutes.

The kayaking took place on the southern side Poole Harbour, around Goathorn Point. Teams had up to one hour to visit as many of the six kayak checkpoints as they wanted. Anyone visiting all six had to paddle at least 5.5 km to do so – something that is usually easily achievable within the time limit by the top teams at other races but this was different; it was open water and there was the tide, sea breeze, mud and navigation all to contend with. These factors meant only eight teams managed to clear the kayak course by visiting all six kayak checkpoints (200 pts) within the time limit. The men’s team of Mike Bayne & Roy Sievers were the fastest to do so in a time of 47:49. Kayaking early meant they, along with all the other Masters teams, had it easy. For when the Novices came to kayak in the afternoon, the tide was at its lowest, leaving a short but deep section of mud between the water and the beach. This made just getting to and from the water an interesting (and dirty) challenge in itself!

However that was about the only mud that was encountered all day for the footpaths and bridleways were on the whole well drained and largely dry. This should have made the trail run easy but the soft dry sand on the surprisingly undulating heaths took its toll, sapping the energy from the weary legs of those teams that visited some of furthest trail run checkpoints. Teams were taken to some rather unique features; highlights included Agglestone Rock, a 400 tonne eroded block of sandstone perched on top of a conical hill, and Fort Henry, a 30m long World War Two concrete bunker overlooking Studland Bay.

Any teams visiting all the Trail Run checkpoints (370 pts) were also treated to a great view of the Old Harry sea stack and neighbouring white chalk cliffs. Only three people (all Men’s Solos) managed this, and in doing so they each covered at least 25.7 km with some 500 m of ascent. Kris Smith was the fastest to do so in time of 2:50:15 – only 52 seconds quicker than the time recorded by Kevin Stephens.

The rest of the mountain biking was split with half on the gravel forest tracks and sandy bridleways across the heath lowlands, and the other half up on the Purbeck Hills. A 12 km section (as the crow flies) of this line of chalk downs was included from Old Harry Rocks in the east, where the ridge meets the sea, to beyond Corfe Castle to the west. Those who had both the time and the energy to cycle the whole distance from one end to the other were treated to an amazingly long uninterrupted section of quality off-road mountain biking, with spectacular far-reaching views on all sides.

Nine teams cycled along the whole section of ridgeline on their way to visiting all the mountain bike checkpoints (430 pts), covering more than 45 km with 750 m of up and down in the process. Most of the top Masters teams did this, but a special mention goes to Ben Wallace & Lucy Coulter who were the only Novice team to clear the mountain bike course.

With time running out, teams began to head back to the event base to finish. Some arrived back a little late having lost track of the time, others underestimated just how long it would take whilst one or two high scorers were caught out by committing to an over ambitious route choice; perhaps none more so than Simon Bradley & Rob Lyon who clocked up one of the highest penalties ever recorded for being almost two hours late back. At least they enjoyed themselves and had a good innings!

Prizes from event partners Likeys, MuleBar, MapDec & Muc-Off were awarded to all the class winners. Kevin Stephens visited all the run and bike checkpoints, and all but one of the kayak checkpoints to collect more points than anyone else but a 70 point penalty for being late back meant he finished with a score of 905 pts which was still good enough for top spot in the men’s solo class and second place overall. Veterans Roy Sievers & Mike Bayne found themselves at Old Harry Rocks - the furthest point on the course from the finish – with 51 minutes left on the clock. They therefore did very well to make it back just a few minutes over to end up with the winning score of 920 pts. Third place overall went to the top mixed team of Carol & Andy Yarrow who collected 875 pts whilst a close battle in the ladies class saw Patricia Daas & Julie Jefferies finish just 10 pts ahead of rivals Mags Salter & Tracy Allan.

There were some high scores posted by Novice teams who had an hour less. The highest scorers were the novice men’s team of Alistair Jones, Phil Chandler & George Randall with 725 pts, who finished just 1 point ahead of the top novice mixed team of Ben Wallace & Lucy Coulter - they actually earned 740 pts but were late back and so ended with a final score of 724 pts. Locals Lesley Moore & Dawn Dibden came first in the novice ladies class with 675 pts. Of those who chose not to kayak, Sid Hardy clocked up 665 pts to complete his hat-trick by winning the Duo class for the third race in a row!

With this being the last race in the 2014 Questars adventure race series, series prizes from outdoor clothing and equipment supplier Likeys were also handed out to those individuals that finished at the top of the 2014 series leaderboard. Joanna Wilson’s 2430 pts meant she was the third highest placed female not far behind Sophie Moore in second with 2462 pts. Top female and out in front by some way with a series score of 2832 pts was Carol Yarrow who finished in equal third place overall with her mixed team partner Andy Yarrow. It was close with just five series points separating them from Edward Clifford (Tri-Adventure) in second place. Top honours went to Kris Smith (Team Endurancelife) who with race wins in Thetford Forest and The Chilterns finished with the maximum score of 3000 pts. Well done to Kris – the 2014 Questars adventure race series champion - and everyone that took part in a Questars adventure race this year.

Details of the 2015 Questars adventure race series will be published on the Questars website in early November. Keep an eye on the Questars noticeboard for further updates.


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