The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Cannock Chase Adventure Race


Race Results

Final results for the 2015 Cannock Chase adventure race can be found below.

How the 2015 series standings looked after this adventure race can be found on the leaderboards below.

Update 21:38 Wednesday 10 June 2015: Teams that punched kayak controls out of sequence (i.e. non-consecutively) have had the points for the offending control(s) removed from their score in the form of a penalty. For example those teams that went K41>K42>K43>K44>K46 did not visit K46 consecutively (they missed K45); they have therefore been given a penalty (of 55 points) equal to the value of K46 to ineffect cancel out the points they received for punching control K46. Note you may have to refresh the results page PDF to see the latest version (press F5 when open).

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