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Thames Ridgeway Challenge


Race Results


A summary of the results for the 2016 Questars 360 Thames Ridgeway Challenge can be found below. For a complete breakdown of stage and transition times please see the full results.



1)  21 hrs 11 mins   Paul Evans, Shawn Duffy
2)  23 hrs 18 mins   Carl Silver, Neil Cooney
3)  26 hrs 36 mins   Richard Brash, Michael Fairrie
4)  27 hrs 01 mins   PJ Carney, Paul Byrne
5)  27 hrs 47 mins   George Winters, Ben Phillis
6)  32 hrs 04 mins   Stig Ertresvaag, Trude Ertresvaag
7)  32 hrs 12 mins   Chris Walker, John Banks, Adam Allegri, Gareth Dowd
8)  32 hrs 49 mins   Campbell Millar, Paul Bocking (overnight stop)
9)  33 hrs 03 mins   Maryvonne Hassall, Stuart Hassall (overnight stop)
10) 33 hrs 09 mins   David Pinckney, Kris Nash (overnight stop)
11) 33 hrs 53 mins   Andrew Ward, Dave Masterson (overnight stop)


12) 34 hrs 05 mins    Paul Holloway, Gareth Ison, John Paul McCumisky, Charley McCumisky (inc stop)


13) 27 hrs 17 mins    Jane Cooney, Alison Silver (Stage 3)
14) 21 hrs 42 mins    Tamsin Davies, Matt Fredericksen (Stage 2-3 Transition)
15) 13 hrs 49 mins    Robert Bullen, Samuel Bullen (Stage 2 Run)
16) 22 hrs 10 mins    Peter Frost, Mandy Frost (Stage 2 Run)


The routes that team's took have been scrutinised, and finish times adjusted where teams took a shorter / faster route to that marked on the course maps. Adjustments are shown as penalty minutes on the tracking page - click on the leaderboard (second icon down, on the right hand side) to see finish times and splits - but please note this is not a penalty - this is just a correction to the teams' time so they can be ranked fairly alongside all the other teams.

NB. The total time for each team that is displayed on the tracking leaderboard is slightly less than the actual total time (shown above and on the final results). This is because the start and finish points used for the tracking had to be separate points a couple of kilometres apart, so the finish point didn't record team's when they started and vice versa.


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